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How to get good marks in MYOB assignments

MYOB Assignments are considered to be a tricky assignment, as student has to have a good command over both the accounting concepts as well as the MYOB software. A good knowledge of MYOB software along with the good knowledge of accounting cycle and several other factors are necessary for getting good marks in MYOB assignments. Students can take MYOB assignment help from our experts in order to secure good marks. However in certain circumstances student may need tips to get good marks and they wish to do the work themselves, in stead taking of any help. What ever be the case it is always good to take care of certain factors while attempting the MYB assignment help.

While doing the MYOB assignment students need to use the correct version of the MYOB software. The preferred version of MYOB for students is MYOB student edition, until and unless MYOB question paper asks for any other MYOB version to be used. Students need to read the MYOB assignment instructions throughly and thereafter create the new company file in the MYOB. Special care should be taken while entering the accounting year, as this cannot be changed later on. Some of the MYOB assignments especially asks for a particular conversion month. Student should choose that conversion month only.

Once the accounting year are conversion months are selected, the company file is created provided other data such as company name, ABN etc. are entered correctly. It may be noted some of the universities may provide per-created MYOB files for the MYOB assignment. In such cases student should use only those files as these files may have some audit features enabled which confirms that the student worked on the assignment.

Student should avoid certain common errors while doing the MYOB assignments. One of the most common errors is to enter the date in correctly. Though the student does not have any intension to enter the date in correctly it can happen. MYOB by default enters the current date. However the accounting MYOB assignment may have transaction dates which relates to previous years or previous years. So this is a trap for the student and it is very likely that a wrong date is entered. Thus student should double check the date before entering it in to the system.

It is also necessary to correctly match the accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory balances with the total of the vendor cards, supplier cards and inventory cards. MYOB displays a message when these balance are in confirmation with the cards created. Some of the accounting entries may be tricky and needs special attention. Reversal of sales, purchase, sales return, purchase return, cancellation of cheques etc. are tick entires and needs some good knowledge of MYOB. Students can take MYOB assignment help from our experts in order to secure good marks.